Right to Rent

What is a Right to Rent Check?

The Right to Rent scheme is a requirement for all Landlords/agencies to check all Tenants for their legal status to live in the UK. Prior to renting a home, the Landlord or agency will request a passport or immigration check and is designed to ensure all Tenants are living in the UK on a legal basis.

As of 1st February 2016, all applicants whose tenancy started on or after this date will be subject to a Right to Rent check. With this check we will:

  • Check an original form of identification (e.g. passport) – this applies to all Tenants aged 18 or over
  • Make copies of the document and store them for our records
  • Make additional checks if your time in the UK is limited (e.g. if a Tenant is visiting on a visa)

For additional guidance on Right to Rent checks please contact us for more information or visit here for Government guidance.