How to Rent Guide

OHL Properties ultimate goal for Tenants is to create a property a home and to offer a service which you want to constantly come back to, after all Tenants are one of the key reasons Letting agencies exist! We always want to ensure you are never more than a click or a phone call away and with this we strive to offer a service that is not only streamlined but also transparent in our costs from the first penny received to the final suitcase packed up on your move out date.

1) Viewing a property - When viewing a property, we will always strive to match the right property with your criteria - once you're happy to proceed with a property the application begins. Please be aware all applicants must be at least 18 years of age unless they have a legal guardian (18 years of age) that will be occupying the property with them and therefore named on the Tenancy Agreement.

2) Referencing - Referencing will look at various factors of a Tenant’s application ranging from employment history, a credit check to landlord references. Referencing must be passed before an applicant can move into the property. Tenants who feel any part of their application will infringe on their ability to pass referencing are advised to make both the agency and the referencing team aware before referencing has begun.

3) Deposits - A deposit must be submitted prior to the move in. There are two options for a deposit. (Please be aware it is an option for Landlords as well as Tenants so your choice of deposit is not guaranteed to be accepted by the other party).

i) DPS - The Tenant will pay 5 weeks of rent to the agency which will be lodged with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS). This will stay with the DPS until the tenancy has expired at which point the deposit will be returned to the Tenant. Deductions will be made for any damages to the property not considered fair wear and tear.

ii) Zero Deposit Scheme – The Tenant will pay the equivalent of one week’s rent to the Zero Deposit scheme. This is non-refundable and is in place of a traditional deposit. This however doesn’t cover any arrears the Tenant may be in during the tenancy or any damages at the end of the tenancy not considered fair wear and tear. Tenants who return their property in a good condition with no rental arrears will have no deductions however will not get their week’s rent back paid at the beginning of the tenancy.
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4) Move In – Please be aware the move in will not go ahead until referencing has been completed and approved, all necessary funds have been transferred and the appropriate identification has been shown to the agent.

To keep up to date with Government regulations on How To Rent click here.