Short Lets

What is a Short Term Let ?

Short-Lets typically refers to a tenancy period of 6 months or less. With an increasingly faster paced society, more and more people are seeking these short-term living solutions with many being in a certain area for work commitments or purely as a stopgap whilst they find a more permanent solution. Short term lets also offer a perfect alternative for those looking for a more financially viable option to hotels and generally feels more like a home for Tenants.

Short-Lets allow Landlords more flexibility and control over their property. The Short-Let option is very popular with Landlords who may want to sell their property and gain extra income whilst the property is vacant. It is also a common option for Landlords that may have a holiday home in London and only use the property intermittently. Despite the time and effort associated with the high turnover of Tenants, the returns on a Short- Let is too good to turn down! To summarise a Short- Let maybe the best option for you:

  • A more flexible way to Let your property.
  • Extra income during void periods.
  • High returns in a short period.