What is Tenant referencing?

Tenant referencing is a series of checks carried out by the Landlord or letting agency to determine whether the Tenant is a right match for a particular property. This will help make the Landlord make an informed decision on which Tenant to accept and is a form of insurance to ensure rent will be paid in a timely manner and you are a reliable Tenant.

The referencing will primarily look at four aspects of a Tenant’s application:

  • 1) Tenant’s Affordability – this will look at the Tenant’s income, their current and previous employers as well as their contract dates.
  • 2) Landlord Reference – the referencing team will seek to gain a Landlord reference if you have one to gain a better understanding of you as a Tenant.
  • 3) Credit Check – this will look at your credit history such as any CCJs or bankruptcy claims.
  • 4) Right to Rent – this will look at your eligibility to live in the UK (see Right to Rent page for more information).

Key Tip: Please be aware OHL Properties use a third- party referencing company and the Landlord’s decision of acceptance may differ from the referencing outcome.

Final referencing decisions will be one of the following outcomes:
  • 1) Acceptable
  • 2) Acceptable with guarantor
  • 3) Not Acceptable

OHL Properties use Homelet for all our referencing. For more information click here.